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Our Mission

Overcomers International Fellowship is a "Bridge to the Future" for men
that need services to help them overcome their current issues.

Lunch at the Dream Center

Overcomers International Fellowship (OIF) is a non-profit, Minnesota State Registered "Housing With Services" facility that provides board & lodging services in St Cloud & Willmar, Minnesota. OIF provides single bedroom occupancy for a total of 58 beds between the two locations.


Our mission is to help men, 18 years and older, to face their problems, find wholeness, and successfully integrate back into society.


These are men who have the desire and passion to get their lives on a productive course. They just need a little help, a bridge to the future that is stable and prosperous. OIF does this by providing accountability, housing, three square meals a day, personal care, medication management, support groups, transportation to care providers, job and educational couching.


OIF believes in providing programs or ministries that offer hope for restoration through the power of God's love and through Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God.




Building a Bridge to Future Success

We a faith based organization that strives to fulfill a very important need in the ongoing success of our community. We provide housing and support for men who find themselves struggling with physical disabilities, mental health concerns, correctional housing issues, addictions and/or the challenges stemming from returning from combat.


We provide services for men who are in need of care who are faced with such challenges as:

  • mental illness

  • chemical dependency

  • tramatic brain injury

  • learning disabilities

  • physical disabilities


We provide our residents with a number of services including:

  • three daily meals

  • supervised personal care

  • medication management

  • support groups

  • accountability


We also provide transportation to care providers and other appointments such as aftercare programs and job & education coaching. We help residents network with social workers, probationary personnel, primary care providers/coordinators, aftercare providers, and other community services. Our Staff is trained to provide a loving, safe, and supportive environment for each resident.


James Shepherd — a Dream Center Success Story.


James Shepherd
James Shepherd

A Ministry of Hospitality that Changes Lives

When I was released from prison, I had no one to turn to and nowhere to go. I became homeless in Hennepin County in November 2009. I found a men's overnight shelter and stayed there to sleep only. I woke up the next morning and was filled with despair. All my dreams turned to ashes and where gone. As I looked at my life it was barren and bare -- without love. I had nothing at all. As I walked the cold streets looking for food, shelter, and clothes, my feet were sore and tired. I was also having to deal with my disability of spina bifida. I walked the streets praying every day, "Lord, please get me up and out of here."


Then one cold day in January, I called Pastor Michael Laidlaw at OIF Dream Center in St. Cloud, Minnesota. There was a place for me. Pastor said "Come on up." I took a train to St. Cloud and then a bus. That day was very cold. I got lost when I was dropped of the bus over a mile away from OIF. I didn't care. I walked until I got there. I fell to my knees, thanking the Lord for bringing me there and providing me with food and shelter. A month later I received my SSI Disability Income. OIF helped me get my doctor's appointments and took care of me. I began attending Bible studies and church. I was able to buy a car.


I stayed at the Dream Center for nine months and was able to get my own apartment where I now live. I have my independence and am able to live on my own. I want to thank God for giving me Pastor Michael who showed me kindness and compassion and helped me get to where I am today. I am blessed in so many ways.