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Bridge Builders


Capitol One Employees
Capitol One employees
help out with painting

Overcomers International Fellowship receives support for their various ministries from...

  • GRH (Group Residential Housing) State Program

  • Representative Payees (self pay)

  • A Department of Corrections Contract

  • Community Donations



We have also received donations in the past — or are currently receiving donations from the following businesses...


  • Service Master

  • McDowall Company of St. Cloud and Waite Park, Minnesota


These companies represent a proud tradition of excellence and commitment to community. We are very grateful for their support.


Help US Build The Bridge

We need your help to help people dream again.


If you ask a young child, “What do you dream of becoming when you grow up?”, most will say a firefighter, policeman, nurse, teacher. etc…


They don’t say, “At 23, I want to be a single mother of two, addicted to crack. At 28, I want to be a two time convicted felon, homeless, just out of jail. At 45, after being clean 20 months, to be diagnosed with hepatitis from former intravenous drug use,while trying to take care of two kids and a wife.”


For so many with broken and aborted dreams; what is the answer? Buy more security locks, lights, and zone them out of our city?


Wouldn't it be better to help them to dream again? By providing for their needs, offering them support groups and housing —hope and dreams return for the beginning of a new life.


You can help us build them a bridge to a better future and make their dreams come true by supporting Overcomers International Fellowship.


Go here to learn how you too can be a supporter